I don’t like the plan any more than Peeta does. How can I protect him at a distance?

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me to every female character at some point: you deserved better

Are you fighting Katniss?

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"Sophie Turner confirms in an interview with The Wrap that she starts filming Wednesday in Belfast, where all her shooting with occur this year. She revealed that Sansa will be playing on her sexuality to manipulate Littlefinger in season 5"

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catching fire meme ➳ eight characters
          ↳  katniss everdeen [1/8]

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Calm down, Peeta

#i don’t remember this part of catching fire

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Rae Earl in 2x01 ‘Alarm’

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"all my goodbyes still hanging on my lips"

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Imagine sleeping over at your icons house.

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"Con shenanigans." (x)

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